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CETRIX is looking for qualified professionals who can make a significant contribution in a highly innovative environment. A job at CETRIX is unlike any other you have had. You will be challenged and yet you will be inspired and proud.

Every small piece matters

Every piece of packaging, every "How may I help you" and every email sent to the client is important. And it does not matter just some of the time; rather, it is important at all times. This is how we do things in CETRIX and the result is some of the most innovative and advanced products in the world of communication.


Simplicity mean hard work

You can only achieve simplicity through hard work. It means rethinking every customer experience until you reach the goals set and then rethink and rethink. This might be a new product feature, a customer support call or even helping the customer market his products.


Creative thinking everywhere

Whether you are working in sales or in operations or in finance, or R&D, we expect creative thinking and solutions from everyone out there, no matter what their responsibilities are . Innovation takes many forms and we strive to find new ones every day in our work.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are looking for a challenging and inspiring work.